Natural Choice:

Better for the environment and your bottom line.

Stop paying a premium to do the right thing. New Natural Choice™ copy paper is the responsible choice for sustainable paper and a sustainable bottom line.

Natural Choice Paper™ is made with a process that yields twice as much paper from the same amount of wood, compared to standard copy paper. It’s a cost-effective and conscientious alternative to paying more for paper containing 30 percent recycled fiber.

This affordable, environmentally friendly paper is ideal for everyday needs in personal printers, high-speed office laser printers and inkjet copiers. Its high opacity, excellent formation and low curl make it ideal for two-sided printing. So you can save money with a clear conscience.

Natural Choice delivers more than twice the yield of standard copy paper.

NORPAC’s thermo-mechanical pulping process — one of the world’s largest and most efficient — relies primarily on clean steam and physical grinding to separate wood fibers. By contrast, chemical pulping relies on “cooking” the wood in a chemical bath, which then must be washed away — along with a lot of the wood’s organic material.

That chemical pulping, used for most recycled-content copy papers, requires more virgin wood chips than the same volume of Natural Choice paper. That’s also how Natural Choice delivers more than twice the yield of standard copy paper.

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Feel good about your copy paper and its price.

Use paper that’s good for the environment without it costing more. The high opacity of Natural Choice makes it perfect for double-sided printing to reduce costs and file space. Specifications include:

  • Multi-purpose 8.5 x 11
  • Proven runnability
  • Less post-print curl
  • Basis weight: 20 (75 gsm)
  • Brightness: 92 (GW)/87 (US)