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From Waste to Reward

How NORPAC Uses Wastepaper to
Make New Products

The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is nowhere more apparent than in the world of recycling. Through recycling, we can convert unusable pieces of scrap, waste, and refuse into new materials and objects. For instance, recycling transforms old and deteriorating tires into new shirts and jackets or scrap metal into roof tiles and car doors. Recycling grants new life to used products and, each year, helps keep nearly 70 million tons of waste out of landfills and redirected back into the consumer lifecycle.

Recycling and NORPAC’s Product Lines

At NORPAC, recycling turns broken wood chips and used wastepaper into sparkling new printing papers or robust and durable containerboards and bags. Many of our product lines are derived entirely from recycled materials. We use waste chips from the sawmill process to create our Norbrite 92 Max and Natural Choice lines of paper. And we take wastepaper recovered from Oregon and Washington state to create our lightweight recycled containerboard and bag papers.

In each instance, our paper is produced not only to match stringent industry specifications of quality, uniformity, and consistency but is also created entirely from recycled and recovered materials. Recycling is not just a slogan or motto at NORPAC but a foundational principle for our entire line of business.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At NORPAC, we recognize and understand sustainability’s supreme importance for our industry. As a paper manufacturer, we realize that our business ultimately depends on the health of our natural environment and the long-term sustainability of its resources. We firmly believe that paper and paper products positively impact our world today. We also know that none of our products could be possible without healthy forests, waterways, and responsible resource management.

Our commitment to the sustainable production of paper is why we’re so intensely focused on integrating recycling throughout our product lines and business operations. Each year we recover and reuse 400,000 tons of mixed paper and corrugated containers, and we expect to double that volume after the recent opening of a new $50 million state-of-the-art recycled fiber plant.

Recycling allows for the old to become new, and for the discarded to be rediscovered as something valuable and necessary. Our recycling programs allow us to sustainably provide for our communities while building a foundation for future generations. To learn more about NORPAC’s mission and commitment to sustainability, visit our website for additional resources.