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Super Brights & High Brights

Get attention with NORPAC’s bright, affordable, and
high-performing Norbrite collection of groundwood papers

Norbrite Super Brights & High Brights

When it comes to magazine, catalogues, retail inserts and workbooks: pristine color and sharp resolution are essential. NORPAC produces a collection of super-bright, high bulk and high opacity groundwood papers tailored to meet these needs without breaking your budget. Enjoy significant yield and price savings without sacrificing on-press performance.

The brightest members of the Norbrite family include:

  • Norbrite 92 Max a high bulk, high opacity alternative to standard offset papers for a wide range of offset applications.

  • Norbrite Reply Card – a surface-treated, super-bright, high-yield paper that meets the USPS 7 pt. reply card specifications. Norbrite Reply Card is an innovative replacement for heavier uncoated freesheet papers. This high bulk, lighter weight paper delivers between 20 and 22 percent yield savings and contributes to reduced supply chain costs.

  • Norbrite Offset – with an 84 brightness that makes it an affordable alternative to uncoated freesheet papers for many book publishing and advertising purposes.

  • Norbrite Plus – a favorite for trade books and direct mail, thanks to a brightness of 80 and a wide range of basis weights.


High Brights /Super Brights