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Super Brights & High Brights

Get attention with NORPAC’s bright, affordable, and
high-performing Norbrite collection of groundwood papers

Norbrite Super Brights &
High Brights

When it comes to magazine, catalogues, retail inserts and workbooks: pristine color and sharp resolution are essential. NORPAC produces a collection of super-bright, high bulk and high opacity groundwood papers tailored to meet these needs without breaking your budget. Enjoy significant yield and price savings without sacrificing on-press performance.

The brightest members of the Norbrite family include:

  • Norbrite 92 Max a high bulk, high opacity alternative to standard offset papers for a wide range of offset applications.

  • Norbrite Offset – with an 84 brightness that makes it an affordable alternative to uncoated freesheet papers for many book publishing and advertising purposes.

  • Norbrite Plus – a favorite for trade books and direct mail, thanks to a brightness of 80 and a wide range of basis weights.

  • Norbrite® Reply Card is a surface-treated, super-bright, high-yield paper that meets the USPS 7 pt. reply card specifications. Norbrite Reply Card is an innovative replacement for heavier uncoated freesheet papers. This high bulk, lighter weight paper delivers between 20 and 22% yield savings and contributes to reduced supply chain costs.
  • Norbrite 70 – a high-bright groundwood paper that is ideal for the printing of inserts, promotional advertising, circulars, and special newspaper sections.
  • Norbrite Tablet is a high-bright groundwood paper that’s ideal for specialty end uses, such as non-spiral bound tablets, promotional advertising and circulars.


High Brights /Super Brights