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Producers of high-quality, environmentally conscious paper and publishing stock
at our world-class facility in Longview, Washington.

NORPAC, the North Pacific Paper Company, is an independent paper company based in Washington State.
From its world-class manufacturing facility, NORPAC delivers a broad range of high-quality papers to customers across the
United States and around the world.
NORPAC makes high-quality, recyclable low-carbon papers that our customers want and the planet needs.


Innovation and Experience

The NORPAC team has been providing customers with innovative paper products and quality service for more than 37 years. NORPAC’s state-of-the-art mill in Longview, Washington, produces more than 750,000 tons of paper annually. The mill’s newest products include cost-effective and environmentally-conscious copy papers for homes and offices.

Leading Quality and Service

NORPAC has been rated in independent surveys as among the leaders in product and print quality, technical and customer service, and delivery performance. As the most significant West Coast producer of its primary paper grades, the mill can quickly and efficiently meet the needs of discriminating customers across the nation and around the world.

Advanced Technology

NORPAC lightweight recycled packaging and graphic papers are produced on three world-class paper machines using locally sourced wastepaper and residual wood chips.   In 2022 NORPAC marked the startup of the largest wastepaper recycling facility West of the Mississippi River.  This unique combination of leading-edge technologies enables NORPAC to produce high quality, 100% recycle content unbleached, packaging grades using fibers sourced from the Residential Commingled collection programs.  
Sophisticated systems in the shipping warehouse, heat recovery operations along with internal waste recovery and recycling programs contribute to the quality and environmentally sustainable performance NORPAC customers demand.

Forward Thinking

For 35 years, NORPAC was jointly owned by Japanese and U.S. companies. Today we are proud to be under the ownership of One Rock Capital Partners, LLC. and will further our company culture of responsiveness, innovation with precision, consistency and continuous improvement.

NORPAC mission & values


Our Mission

To build a sustainable company for our employees, customers, and community with world-class manufacturing of high-quality, recyclable, low-carbon papers that our customers want and the planet needs.




We learn together and own our world-class success.



We care therefore we commit to safety first.

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NORPAC is a thinking person’s mill.

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We do right by our stakeholders and community by being a leading recycler, an employer of choice, and responsible stewards.