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How the Paper Forestry Industry Creates Jobs and Fuels Growth

Comprised of many different natural resource workers and professionals, the American paper forest industry is a major engine of economic growth. The paper industry is powered by much more than just the workers in the mills and factories, it also includes the sawyers who select the lumber for harvest, the workers who transport logs to paper-making facilities, and the engineers and financial experts in company offices, among countless other positions.

The Paper Forest Industry’s Impact on the American Economy

Each of these workers combine to make the paper forest industry one of the nation’s major contributors to the American economy. In 2010, the paper forest industry helped create more than 900,000 jobs in forestry and logging, paper manufacturing and wood product manufacturing. When calculated throughout the supply chain, it is estimated that the industry supports over 2.5 million jobs. These jobs help build a robust and diverse American economy.

In 2020, the forest products industry accounted for approximately four percent of the total US manufacturing GDP, as well as nearly $300 billion in products and services. The forest products industry also has an incredible positive effect on local communities by providing excellent employment opportunities. The industry meets an annual payroll of approximately $55 billion that is shared amongst its employees.

Preserving American Manufacturing Jobs

The continued erosion of manufacturing jobs in America is well-documented. In 2020, 10.3% of Americans were employed in manufacturing, a steep decrease from 16.8% in 1990. This can have a serious negative impact on our nation, as manufacturing jobs provide meaningful work and wages that can foster healthy communities.

On average, full-time employees in the pulp, paper, and paperboard mills industry group earn an average annual salary of $69,793. In an era of stagnating wages and a rising cost of living, the pulp, paper and paperboard industry is one of the last examples of a strong manufacturing sector that provides high-paying, and secure jobs for workers.

Opportunities at NORPAC

At NORPAC, we understand that responsible pulp and paper manufacturing brings benefits across local communities and economies, from stronger and healthier forests to higher rates of overall human development. We strive always to ensure that our own paper manufacturing process uses clean workflows and recycled content, and that our materials are only sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Our commitment to environmentally sustainable and responsible paper manufacturing helps us deliver a broad range of high-quality paper products to customers across the nation and the world. We invite you to join our growing team at NORPAC, and help us create a healthy, innovative, and sustainable future.